Monday, August 24, 2009

Disabling Samba Master Browser

When implementing a Samba server to serve Windows shares or AD authentication, there is a stumbling block to look out for. This problem is inherit to Windows networks and the defaults in Samba. Windows networks utilize a "browsing" service that keeps a list of all the computers on the local subnet that are serving CIFS (Common Internet File System). To keep things straight, the local subnet has a master browser (also known as the Local Master Browser).If Samba is not configured, one-way or another (to be a browser or not), by default it is set to be a potential browser that participates in elections. To ensure that this default configuration doesn't produce unexpected results, it is best to disable this functionality, if not needed.
To disable this behavior, simply enter the following line into the smb.conf global configuration:
local master = no

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