Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mind Meister - Online Mind Maps

Mind Meister -

I am not a mind map expert, but I have used them for several different brainstorming/project initiation sessions. I'm sure that there are various ways to use these ingenuous documents, I just haven't put enough effort into finding out how to do it. The main reason has been because MindJet's Mind Manager software is $350. My boss is a very generous guy, but I couldn't even justify that to myself for as little as I use it. Now that there is a free tool (actually two that I have found, including Freemind) I am going to try to get a better understanding of how to use this style of diagramming. There are a couple of things I can think of right off the bat, that I could use it for. There are some limitations to Mind Meister's free account and thus, they offer a premium account for $4/month - seriously? $48/year for a pretty cool mind mapping tool. I have used Mind Manager, and although it does have some additional file types for exporting to and some other features, for as limited a user as I am, the free version works just fine.

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