Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Journaling

For whatever reason, there may be a need to track messages coming in and out of a mailbox. These messages can be to internal recipients, external recipients, or both. Setting this up is easy, but if it isn't done often, it can be easy to forget the steps.

  1. For any journaling, there needs to be a mailbox that receives the "journal reports". A journal report is basically a message with some additional detail and then a copy of the original message as an attachment. As can be expected, these mailboxes can grow quickly as there is no message management done on these mailboxes (unless needed, of course).
  2. After the journaling mailbox has been setup, it is now necessary to create the journal rule. This is done the Exchange console under Organization->Hub Transport->Journaling tab. Right-click, new rule, specify the mailbox to receive the reports, whether internal/external/global messages are journaled, then select the mailbox that is to be journaled (the source mailbox).
  3. Grant appropriate permissions to the users that need access to the mailbox see: for instructions on how to do this.
  4. To ensure that no other messages (such as mass-mailings, everyone groups, etc) do not end up in the journaling mailboxes, run the following command to set the mailbox delivery restriction policy.

Set-Mailbox <Journaling mailbox to configure> -AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom "Microsoft Exchange" -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $True

Once all of these steps have been completed, some additional items might want to be setup, such as scripting a scheduled report of all of the messages and their subjects with recipients, etc.

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