Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cisco TAPI Integration

One advantage my Blackberry has over anything else is that I can dial numbers for my contacts that are stored in Exchange. Now that I have been using my Cisco IP Communicator regularly, this has been a problem - having to look up numbers, copy them, paste them into the communicator and then dialing. I knew that Outlook offered TAPI integration, so there had to be some way to dial out on my IP Communicator using Outlook. After digging around in the Call Manager plugin section I found that Cisco offers a plugin named "Cisco Telephony Service Provider". Although the name isn't super-intuitive to TAPI, the description did explain that this was the purpose. Downloading the plugin and installing it is relatively simple. The installation has great directions. The directions also include how to configure the CTI ports and extensions - a little more than the average user will be able to handle. Simply stated, the following things need to happen to make this work:
  1. Call Manager user profile must have "Enable CTI Application Use" checked
  2. Call Manager CTI Port make the device pool the same as the IP Communicator, give the Port a line that is the same extension number (DN) as IP Communicator
  3. Follow the directions for installing the wave drivers in the CiscoTSP readme file
  4. Once the computer reboots, test the connection with the dialer.exe program. Go to Edit->Options->Line tab and select the Phone radio button. Under Line used for Phone Calls drop down, select the "Cisco Line: [device name](extension number), hit OK. Click the Dial button and enter a number to test. If this works, the device is setup properly.
  5. In Outlook, go to contacts, click on "Call Contact". When the box opens, click on dialing properties, on my location click edit, General tab, "To access an outside line...", enter 9. Enter the carrier code for long distance if desired. Add the appropriate area code rules. Click OK, Ok, then click Dialing Options, click the connect using line and select the "Cisco Line: [device name](extension number), click ok, then close.
Outlook should now be setup to dial through the IP Communicator.

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Ray Casey said...

Thanks! Cisco is a NIGHTMARE! I am an Account Executive. I simply want to call contacts from MSF CRM. On a simple Asterix box running sugar CRM I can hook to a SIP, call from a look up queue. See heads up caller ID, etc, etc... and this trashy cisco/windows implementation. I CAN'T EVEN GET THIS CRAP TO DIAL> I mean I have been on the internet for a week and there are 30 different downloads/updates/etc. just to get it to dial. Am i missing something. Better yet I would like to get someone to say it just does not work, then I can get Google Chrome (free), Sugar CRM (free) and Asterix (Free) and use an old $25 dollar latop and a $40 a month SIP service and throw all this MSFT/CIsco crap in the garbage where it belongs! Time to start selling GOOGLE APPS! Oh, that's right. I am just not smart enough and gifted enough to understand how all this superior crap works.. Yeah... Right... Nice try evil ones ;)