Monday, June 23, 2008

Yugma - Free Web Conferencing

Yugma is the newest, in a long line of web conferencing services. Yugma is free, offering the availability to upgrade from a personal (free) to a premium account with all of the bells and whistles. The differences in the two levels of accounts include:
  • Free is limited to 10 attendees
  • Personal doesn't allow for passing mouse/keyboard controls
  • Can't change presenter
  • Can't use annotation tools (whiteboard, screen marking, etc.)
  • No online storage
  • No tech support (online help only)

With all of that, the free version is still very cool because you get the desktop sharing, chat, and file sharing. These are good options for free and are very useful for those of us that just need somewhere to point people for quick, free desktop sharing.

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Brian Bohanon said...

The nice thing about Yugma is that it is Java based and can be used on many different platforms. The bad thing is that you have to download a client and install it. I have since started using Vyew ( which is client-less and runs in the browser.