Sunday, May 11, 2008

SearchMe: Cool Idea is a new "visual" search engine. The uniqueness of this site is the initial page. There is no search button and hitting the "enter" key isn't required to see a small set of categories that lead to results. This search engine is still in beta testing, but it is fun to use.

Another, really neat feature of this site is the "iPod" type scrolling interface of the results. It gives an easy to read view of the top results. This makes a lot of the common tasks of web browsing easy, such as looking getting an idea of whether or not the page is legitimate or a squatter's page. The results can be scrolled using the wheel of a scroll mouse, the slider bar at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the next page to bring it to the center.

Each result in the results view provides a quick summary, a link to the page, and the URL at the bottom of the screen shot. This information is displayed by mousing-over the page.

Finally, there is a way to display the text results of the search if the visual display is not acceptable. There is a small arrow beneath the slider bar that will pop-up a half-screen window that displays the common text results, similar to a Google result set.

These are the features that popped-out to me first. Just the basics, but I'm sure that a product this innovative will include newer features that will provide a more intuitive search experience. Although Google is still the defacto search engine, I think that this has a lot of potential because it allows the user to see the results rather than have to read the text results.

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