Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dialing Letters from Blackberry

I just received my training vouchers for EMC ClarIIon training. I am very excited about this training. All that was contained in the box were two white envelopes. I opened them and there were two nice, slick, blue folders. I opened each folder to find a single sheet of paper that contained a "voucher". On the voucher was printed instructions for activating your training. To do this you needed to call the EMC training group at 1-888-EMC-TRNG. Great, except that I'm not in the office so I needed to use my Blackberry. Anyone that has ever used a Blackberry knows that the keys that have both numbers and letters are not arranged in the manner of a traditional telephone. The W key is shared with 1, the E key is shared with 2. So dialing by letters is something that I always thought you just couldn't do with a Blackberry. I know that this was a silly assumption for me to make seeing as Blackberry is, and has been the leader in hand-held "smart-phones" for many years. So today I took to task the ability to do this and was determined that I would find a way. I searched for it, low and behold, the first entry in the almighty Google results was just what I was looking for. The directions (paraphrased from the Yahoo! tech site) are below and for future reference the URL was:

1. From the Home screen or the Phone application, dial 1-8-8-8.

As you type the first number, the Phone application opens (if it isn't opened already) and displays the numbers you dialed.

2. Press and hold the ALT key and then dial (press) E-M-C-T-R-N-G.

Hit the send key and the Blackberry will automatically determine the correct numbers to dial.

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