Monday, April 28, 2008

Backup Exec 12 Upgrade

I have completed the upgrade from Backup Exec 11d to 12. This will free an hour or so each day from the task of manually managing the IMG media for the granular restore technology (GRT) backups. Although 11d did provide us with the ability to backup Exchange 2007, it didn't manage the IMG folders at all. So, every morning I had to log into the backup server and delete the oldest backup. Now that Symantec has corrected this "small" problem, I can completely hand the backup tasks off to another member of our team to verify success and log each day.

The upgrade was very smooth, but the licensing has been a little tricky. Some of our 11d licenses were covered under a support/maintenance agreement and Symantec sent me the license keys in my email. The other installation's support was expired so I purchased a new support contract through CDW. They sent me the certificate from Symantec, but when I type in the serial numbers on the certificate the Symantec Licensing Portal says "no license key required." So I go to install the product, and of course, it asks for a license key. I called the licensing contact telephone number (800-721-3934) only to find that their hours are 7am-6pm Eastern Time (this was at 7:33PM - Doh!).

I installed it as an evaluation and will contact them in the morning.

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